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Aside from our reliable product line, we also offer you services that will aid in you determining your specific business needs.

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Over 20 years of development work, innovating with some of the worlds leading organisations. Professionals who are experts in their own field. Contact us now to capitalise on these ground breaking innovations, do away with the hassle or cost associated to new development, why reinvent the wheel.

Information Management

Companies have different types of information, emails, paperwork, electronic documents and even output from 3rd party applications. It is important for us to provide you with what you really need. Our proprietary software platform provides you with a simple to use, simple to manage and affordable information management system that will be structured around your business. We'll challenge your current processes, refine time to complete tasks and guarantee a positive return on investment with any project you undertake.


Information is your businesses most valuable asset.  Generally this value is dispersed throughout your organisation in different formats and different locations. Emails, paperwork, 3rd party systems all producing information and all being manually processed independently of each other. Our information management technology will bring all this information together into one location, easily accessible, easily processed and above all secured to the very highest international security standards.  Make this information work for your organisation, one goal one vision.


PC, tablet, iOS and Android applications, utilising iT4's proprietary mobile technology to access, authorise and amend your business critical information on the go. Never before has authorisation of information been so easy. Dashboard technology highlighting business metrics to manage bottlenecks, trends, action points . . . .


Information is your businesses most valuable asset with cloud technology revolutionising the way we do business. Bringing the two together highlights how important the correct systems and procedures are to the success of any business.  ISO27001 has been created as an international standard for cloud based security.  iT4 are ISO27001 certified for cloud based solutions, ensuring only the most stringent security measures are in place, protecting client information and reducing business risk.

Existing Solutions

Existing products, proven technology, embedded efficiency

Accounts Payable and the 3 way match

Invoices from suppliers can be a time consuming affair to manage. Paperwork, emails, delivery notes and even purchase orders to approve, match and process into your finance system. iT4's purchase to pay solution offers not only an electronic means to process these manual tasks, but also aligns retention of this information to local tax legislation. Automatic capture of invoice information, matching to purchase orders and deliver notes, processing to finance systems in a compatible format, plus managing the payment process post submission are all part of iT4's P2P system.

Incident Management

Identification of an incident in any business is essential and can be linked to various aspects of your organisation, customer experience, OH&S, Human Resources or compliance being just a few to highlight.  As we all know most people who experience a poor level of perceived service will not return to the particular business and will inform at least five of their business colleagues, friends or family of their poor experience.

At some point in time every business will have to deal with an upset customer or employee. The real challenge is to handle the situation in such a way that the customer leaves thinking that you operate a great business despite the original issue. Effectively dealing with customer or staff complaints provides a great opportunity to turn dissatisfied customers into advocates for your business.

iT4's Incident Management system provides businesses with an incident tracking solution with a proven track record. Our systems are certified to ISO27001 for cloud security. We take time to look at your business, then develop our solutions with you to achieve the ultimate success, guaranteed.

Engineering Job Request

From start to finish repair or engineering processes take a long time to complete and offers significant opportunity for delays and risk to the business. iT4's engineering job request ensures staff responsible for fulfilling the job requests do so in a manner in line with company expectations. Without systems of this nature there is a possibility for high human error when recording or communicating the customer requests from person to person. This lengthy process is exacerbated by the high volume of engineering requests, lending additional urgency to improving the situation. This leads to the major issue of dissatisfaction and perceived inefficiency to the company brand.

Human Resources

Despite the digitization of business today, the truth is that most Human Resources departments are still buried in paper and also using systems that may not integrate with each other. Most HR professionals will admit that their world is awash with printouts, paper, emails, file attachments, faxes, scanned documents and a variety of forms that can all be a nightmare to manage. The result is that HR professionals often spend more time, effort and money performing administrative tasks than they do attracting, hiring and maximizing the human capital of the organisation.

Utilise iT4's HR platform to streamline, structure and secure your entire HR operation. Never before has such a powerful HR information management platform been available to businesses of all sizes.

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